Vinc 2 Day

Responsibilities Stop Me

Thinking thoughts while thoughts are consuming me and distracting me from acting upon them. As i lay here with the rain hitting my skylight it’s easy to think about life in general but then i step outside of my bubble and my actions don’t live up to my thoughts why?

I want to better my life but how can i achieve this with so many responsibilities? I’d love another job one that i can enjoy but it’s just not that simple, id love to have a bigger house for me and my family and have a big garden so that my daughter can play amongst the flowers. I’d love to be a better person and be more giving to those that are less fortunate than myself. 

With all of the above said i know that i can achieve if id only stop the dreaming and actually started to act my dreams out. I know what it’s like to have nothing and start over from the gutter so why not now?


Vinc2Day Life BlogThat’s the barrier that stops me from acting out my dreams. I know I’m not alone here when i say this but, Having bills to pay and mouths to feed is what stops me, I go to work, Ok i don’t enjoy my job but it pays well, i pay my bills, i  can feed my family isn’t that enough? Shouldn’t i be grateful and happy that I’m providing a comfortable living for my family?

NO I WANT MORE… I want better and i want to be happy in all that i do but it’s not as easy as my thoughts make me believe it is. I want to change the world, i want to achieve something that i can be really proud of, i want to change other people’s lives with my own actions but to do all this i need to act but I CANT!

I have Responsibilities!!!!




You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.



Someone For Everyone

Vinc2day Life blogWe’ve all heard people say ” There is someone for everyone? ” Well, i now believe that and you should too. Life moves so fast and it has a habit of creating a bubble that you’ll live your life within.

If like me you’ve been in a relationship you don’t want to be in then please jump ship, if like me you’ve been single for a long time because your scared of being hurt or just not found that right person then please stop thinking and just enjoy your life. Life is too short to waste and you’ll only appreciate it when you actually start living it. Been in a relationship you don’t want is you living someone else’s life, But what about you?

Been single worrying about been hurt and having a lack of trust with people you’ve yet to meet is you wasting your life. Trust me I’ve done all of the above but now I’ve never been happier because when i wasn’t thinking and actually started to live my own life i found the one person that I’ve only dreamed about, The person that i didn’t think existed !

I’m an English man with a daughter of 6 who lived on his own who never imagined for one second that id now be living with a beautiful Spanish girl who shares all the same interests that i do and is funny, witty, and a joy to be around.

Life shouldn’t be about sadness but we tend to create this while we’re feeling sorry for ourselves in the little bubble we live in. I maybe was lucky i don’t honestly know? BUT, i really truly believe there is someone for everyone so don’t waste your life protecting yourself from people you’re yet to meet, don’t be in an unhappy relationship because life will pass you by and before you know it you just might have nobody to share your love with.